UR Carrier

UR Carrier

Carrying goods and tugging heavy loads or carts

UR Carrier robot is a fully autonomous device that enables carrying goods and tugging heavy loads or carts. It was designed to enable real cost efficiencies and provide means of redeploying staff to deliver more challenging tasks while UR robots are used to deal with simpler, strenuous and often monotonous tasks.

UR Carrier offers impressive manoeuvrability, durability and scalability of performance that is crucial to any organisation seeking cost efficiencies and smooth optimisation of processes. It also

presents a viable solution to clients looking for more efficient service delivery.

UR Carrier benefits from a proven concept of AI technology successfully deployed in our Cleaner and UV-C Disinfectant robotic devices.
The robot’s contribution towards reduction of carbon footprint is important. In a small way, UR robots help achieve energy savings by optimisation of manufacturing processes. They also prevent pollution by careful monitoring of their usage.

Key features

  • Ability to autonomously carry goods or tug loaded carts following pre-mapped routes.
  • Intelligent route planning and re-mapping to avoid obstacles.
  • Execution of tasks without human supervision.
  • Ease of deployment in enclosed large spaces e.g. healthcare centres, warehouses, storage areas and factories.
  • Safety of human operations with remote device management by trained operators e.g. remote on/off switch
  • Connectivity through wireless (Wi-Fi) network allows the robot to follow pre-mapped routes, automatically detect unexpected obstacles and make informed decisions to avoid them and change the route accordingly.
  • Low battery warning.

Technical specification

Dimensions (cm):
W58 x L89 x H98
Clearance (cm):
Total Weight (without load) (kg):
Maximum speed (m/s):
Payload (kg):
Towing capacity (kg):
Operating Time (hrs):
up to 10
Battery Charging time (hrs):
up to 4
Charging Voltage:
220-240 VAC, 50Hz, 5A

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