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General product overview

United Robots develops intelligent service devices that are designed to address the key problems facing service providers operating in vast storage areas e.g. warehouses or supermarkets and sorting offices; or public spaces such as hospitals, care homes, office buildings and airports.

UR robots have the ability to evaluate their surroundings and make informed decisions regarding the navigation, mapping and task execution.

Deployment of modern fully autonomous robots capable of working independently allows companies to improve inefficient processes, reduce costs associated with high staff turnaround incl. constant re-training of new staff. It also enables companies to tackle global pollution by making their work environment greener.

We successfully apply expertise in mobile localisation, machine learning, and computer vision to convert machines into intelligent AI devices capable of working without human supervision. Our solutions have been created by highly skilled and experienced R&D engineers and academics with years of experience in a field of robotics.

Our mission is to stay focused on safety, reliability and effectiveness. Excellent performance of our robots is managed by AI algorithms in-built into our software.

Core functions of UR devices

Ease of implementation

by engaging with clients throughout the process UR is able to understand client needs and agree realistic implementation plans.


intelligent way of detecting and avoiding obstacles i.e. stopping the robot or rerouting.

Efficient mapping

single-pass mapping allows efficient path planning.

Management reporting

smooth data capture and cloud-based storage enables accurate VfM reporting, trend analysis and diagnostics.

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