Usability Testing of UR Cleaner robot

Following initial discussions with Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre (MD-TEC) in Birmingham, in July we had a meeting with Dr Tom Clutton-Brock (MD-TEC Clinical Director) and his team to discuss testing our cleaner robots in a hospital environment. Good news – MD-TEC agreed to undertake a Usability Study in their simulated ward and operating theatre environment […]

AI Robotics seminars and events in the Netherlands

In April 2019 United Robots was invited to take part in a 3-day Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) event in the Netherlands aimed at international AI start-up companies. It provided a great opportunity to exchange ideas, network with European companies, academic and business 3rd parties. Visits to Amsterdam Science Park, Robohouse Delft, Twente University and Wageningen […]

Global Entrepreneur Programme

In 2019 United Robots has been accepted into a unique global network – Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) which is focused on supporting overseas entrepreneurs hoping to build innovative businesses in the UK. This is an exciting opportunity to expand our company.

Inclusion in Arkley Launchpad Program

In June 2018 we were included in Arkley Launchpad Program – an acceleration program designed for innovative start-ups helping them to achieve agreed operational and financial goals by using Arkley’s ecosystem.

United Robots joins NVIDIA Partner Network

In May 2018, we were invited to join prestigious NVIDIA Inception Program. This virtual accelerator program helps start-ups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. It offers unparallel access to their training platform and global network of deep learning experts. We also have an opportunity to try out the latest software, and get […]

United Robots at Investment Forum in Tarnów.

An in-depth presentation of United Robots, its vision and a long term strategy to Polish investors during Investment Forum in Tarnów 2018. We shared our initial challenge of finding the quality data allowing us to efficiently analyse the environment  to determine the number of required sensors. We demonstrated how our intelligent design provided a perfect […]

Euronews Interview with Chris Burns (March 2018)

“… an AI laser-guided robot, for use in logistics, cleaning, stocking shelves, or sorting letters and packages. The robot can pinpoint thousands – even millions – of coordinates around it and in its path to determine what to target and what to avoid.” An interview with Chris Burns (Euronews) provided a great platform to introduce […]

Introduction of United Robots to Polish market

We presented our robots to a wider audience as a part of the HardGamma Rebels powered by Poczta Polska Programme in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. This presentation concluded our Pilot with Poczta Polska (see Pilot with Polish Postal Service)   The event provided an excellent opportunity to show our AI products to the press, investors, […]

A Pilot with Polish Postal Service

A pilot with Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service) aimed to increase efficiency of delivery and reduce operational costs. The 3-month pilot ran in a logistic centre in Katowice as part of the client’s long term development strategy. The purpose of the pilot was to test our technology within real working environment and to determine whether […]