United Robots Ltd. develop intelligent service devices. Our AI technology allows robots to operate and navigate autonomously in industrial and public spaces such as supermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, airports, and production areas etc. Our robots have the ability to evaluate their surroundings and make informed decisions regarding the navigation and mapping process.

Core Functionality

Ease of implementation

by engaging with clients throughout the process we are able to understand client needs and agree realistic implementation plans.


intelligent way of detecting and avoiding obstacles i.e. by stopping the robot or rerouting.

Efficient mapping

single-pass mapping capabilities allowing for very efficient path planning.

Management reporting

smooth data capture and cloud-based storage provide means for accurate VfM reporting, trend analysis and diagnostics.

UR Carrier – compact yet very powerful

Autonomous transport robot – ideal for carrying goods and tugging heavy loads or carts.

UR Floor CLR – strong and reliable

Autonomous floor cleaner that can map surrounding areas, plan cleaning routes and navigate in public spaces.

We are here to stay.

Next few years will bring a new line of service robots supporting Facilities Manangment functionality.